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Desperate Housewive scoop, please. All talking about a future link between the two regular series that we would never expect! Some light? Who who I am? -Beth Well, I can t just right and identify the new association, but I ll point to one of the parties involved: it currently one Wisteria lady and her daughter grew, so spends his free time and catering supporting its frienemy Bree blossoming career..

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Rihanna Has The Spirit Of Life

u003cP u003e u003c / P u003e Rihanna Smokin hot is the 2008 Spirit of Life Award dinner honoring Doug Morris on Wednesday in Santa Monica, California city hopes Music and Entertainment Industry Group recognized Morris (chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group ) For his contributions to the community and his profession as well as commit their time and resources to help those in need.

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50 Cent Gets Real Ity

WhileKanye West 50 Cents once rivals makes news for its actual music, Fiddy seems content to bask in the comfortable glow of reality television (and ties in consumerism). According to a press release on Nah right (Via Idolator), it seems MTVs 50 Cent: money and power (the first set at the Nov. 6) is a kind of hip-hop version of The Apprentice in 50 plays and 14 Trump Wannabe moguls play Donald humble apprentices..

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